Quattro Formaggio Fondue

The Melting Pot Copycat Recipe

3 oz of domestic white wine
1 teaspoon pesto sauce
2 teaspoon marinara sauce
2 1/2 cups Quattro Formaggio Cheese Blend (about 1/2 cup each of Provolone, Gruyere, Asiago and Fontina, shredded)
2 tablespoons white flour
1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
1 teaspoon Mascarpone cheese

Cubed Granny Smith apples
artisan breads
vegetables (carrots, cauliflower, celery)

Using a fondue pot or a double boiling system, add white wine, pesto and marinara and bring to a simmer. Toss the white flour with the shredded cheese until coated. Add a small amount of Formaggio cheese/flour blend to wine mixture and stir in with a fork until melted. Continue adding small quantities of cheese mixture until the fondue reaches the consistency of warm honey. Stir in Mascarpone. Stir in Worcestershire. Blend all ingredients together with the fork using a whipping motion. Serve with artisan breads, apples and vegetables.

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