Queso Fundido

The Melting Pot Copycat Recipe

4 oz Beer base
1-3 demi Jalapenos, chopped
2 oz (volume) Chorizo sausage crumbles
5 oz (weight) Fontina/Gruyere/Gran Queso blend
5 strokes Lime zest
1 squeeze Lime half

Note: Flouring procedure: 5 oz flour per 5 lb of cheese; 5 oz portions

Add the beer to the pot (turn on heat to medium). Add the jalapenos and chorizo to the base. Stir using fork for 30 seconds. Add one third of the cheese, mix thoroughly using fork. Add an additional third of the cheese and mix thoroughly using fork. Add the remaining third of cheese and mix thoroughly using fork until all the cheese is melted. Use a whipping motion to fluff up the cheese. Zest the lime over the cheese fondue. Squeeze the juice of the lime half into the cheese fondue. Fold and stir with a fork

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